The Moscow Stock Exchange in the future may refuse to trade in the dollar and sell the right to trade in it when the need for its conversion is nil. This was announced by the head of the stock exchange supervisory board Sergey Shvetsov.

The head of the supervisory board of the Moscow Stock Exchange did not rule out the refusal to trade with the dollar.

“As long as the Russian economy needs a dollar-ruble conversion, this pair will be supported, part of Russian exports, part of imports in dollars. But there is a fading trend and probably at some point in the future, I do not rule out that the Moscow Stock Exchange will sell this business. This is clearly not the near future. Any business can be sold”, he said at the 19th International Banking Forum (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Shvetsov did not rule out that if trade relations with Russia are not in dollars, then this currency will not be of interest to either the regulator or the stock exchange.

On September 21, the Moscow Stock Exchange announced the suspension of the pound sterling due to the difficulties and potential risks in carrying out settlements in the British currency.


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Source: RB

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