One of the biggest disadvantages Window This is a poor integration with Android or iOS – for obvious reasons – especially when compared to the Apple ecosystem and the ability to sync data and files between different devices. Although there are many tools that try to solve this problem, each of them has its drawbacks. Intelhowever presented an app that allows you to share more than just files between your PC and smartphone.

Unity, as Intel called its proposal, focuses on the types of files and data users most frequently exchange between their computer and mobile device. First, of course, photographs and documents. Thanks to Intel Unison, you will always have a customized library. For example, if you upload an image from your iPhone or Android, it will automatically appear in the PC app, or vice versa.

The company mentions that in some cases you will be able to response notifications mobile – such as text messages or phone calls – from your computer. Of course, they have not yet announced third party services or apps that will be compatible with their tool.

In addition, Intel Unison will make it easier sync text across devices. If you’re writing a note on your smartphone and want to integrate it into a more complex document in Microsoft Office, the process is quick and easy.

Intel Unison, with some limitations for iOS

However, due to iOS restrictions, Intel Unison will not be able to offer some additional features to iPhone owners. For example, the ability to access all chats in Messages. However, Intel promises that the core features of their app are enabled for iOS users.

Starting from this year, Unison will be installed by default on some computers with 12th generation Intel processors. (Alder Lake). Among them are HP, Acer and Lenovo. However, the company says it will expand its tool to more computers in the future, including the recently introduced Raptor Lake processors. At the moment they have not specified if we can download it ourselves.

“The advantage we can offer PC users is that they don’t have to choose their mobile phone depending on what kind of computer they have. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, any device you want to use will be able to connect to this tool. When you’re sitting at your laptop and getting notifications or text messages on your phone, you can put it in your pocket and go about your workflow,” he said. The Verge Josh Newman, VP of Mobile Innovation at Intel.

Source: Hiper Textual

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