NASA has learned that the DART mission was a success. A space probe launched last year, polluting about 11 million people. km, reached the asteroid Dimorphos and, in accordance with the business of its mission, crashed into it. We are talking about the first and – which is very important – the successful choice of the method of the trajectory of the flight of a celestial body that threatens with a potential collision with the Earth.

Approximately 20 minutes before the accident, NASA specialists from the mission control center accurately fixed the asteroid in the “sight”, and after another 15 minutes they stopped transmitting the control group, after which the probe crashed into Dimorphos at a speed of 22,500 km / h.

A few days before, images of the surface of the asteroid were transmitted to the earth, which, as far as mr? In the future, they will be careful.

Evaluation of the “hitting” companies was activated two weeks ago by the Cubesat and other nsh. With their help, the deviation of Dimophos from the original orbit will be measured. In two years, Eka plans to administer her own probe to the atheroid, which will evaluate p p.

Source: Tech Cult

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