One of the most desired features of Twitter, ability to edit tweets, is already available for some users. The platform, which announced this new option during the Elon Musk soap opera and its intention to buy the social network, started to activate expected button in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but only for users who have Twitter Blue.

The new button, in particular, allows users to edit a previously posted tweet, such as correcting a typo, spelling error, or paraphrasing text. Twitter, yes. it only offers 30 minutes to make these changes. After this period, the button will disappear and the publication can only be deleted. The platform will also allow you to make changes to the tweet. maximum 5 times.

On the other hand, his followers, as well as other users viewing the tweet, will be able to see that this publication has been edited through a small notification on the screen. It will also be possible view a history of these changes by clicking the Last Edited option. It will appear at the bottom of the post and will also show the time the content was modified by the owner of the tweet.

Twitter has been working on a button to edit tweets for several years.

Again, the new tweet edit button is only available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Only, in addition, for those users who have a subscription to Twitter Blue, a paid version of the platform with exclusive features that ranges from $5 per month. Twitter has confirmed that this button will be available in the US soon and will be coming to other countries soon.

The ability to edit tweets is not a new feature. The platform has, in fact, been working on this option for years. They confirmed future availability just a few months ago when Elon Musk announced his intention to buy the company behind the social network. Since then, Twitter has been doing evidence through some of their official accounts and discuss what this function should look like.

He was mainly concerned what the ability to edit tweets would serve to allow users to create controversy. For example, by posting a tweet that can later be changed with content that completely contradicts the original. This, however, was fixed not only with the edit history, but also with a time limit.

Source: Hiper Textual

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