HE WhatsApp screenshot lockAnnounced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in August, Messenger is now available to those testing it on Android. as reported by WABetaInfo This Monday (3), the feature comes as an attempt to increase privacy in conversations through the platform.

Already available by some members of the Google Play Beta program, the screenshot blocker prevents the user from taking screenshots of photos and videos shared on the popular messenger. However, the tool is only available for single images, i.e. those that disappear after opening.

If you try to take a screenshot under these conditions, the user will get a blackened image as a result of the process. According to the post, the function can even block attempts that use third-party extensions to circumvent the app’s security regulations.

Also, according to the website, WhatsApp screenshot blocker can be disabled if the user wants. Another detail is feature does not block screenshots of conversationseven in the presence of messages lost in chats and does not prevent the recipient from saving photos of the content using another mobile phone or digital camera.

When does it come to everyone?

Screenshot blocker is currently only available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android in version of the app. Users enrolled in the trial program should update the application to the latest version and check the availability of the tool on their mobile phones.

The release date of the screenshot lock to the general public has not been announced by Meta, but that shouldn’t take long. Before the stable version for Android arrives, the feature should also be rolled out to messenger testers on iOS and other platforms.

This innovation was introduced by Zuckerberg along with other privacy tools for WhatsApp, such as the possibility of “online” hiding in the service state and the ability to view a list of previous participants in groups.

Source: Tec Mundo

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