One of the things parents or guardians of children look for is to use technology as safely as possible. Therefore, different companies have platforms for this, and now one of the best in existence comes to Spain. we talk about amazon kidsit has many tools to be a reliable and safe option.

One of the things to know about this platform is that it can be used with either smart speaker. threw out as on the screens of the company (echo show). Therefore, you can enjoy the full potential offered by these accessories, such as the use of the voice assistant. Alexa. What this new Amazon option always delivers is age-appropriate functionality as well as liked content. 3 to 12 years.

And what is required to use Amazon Kids? Well, something as simple as creating profile indicates that this is for a child from the Alexa app. Thus, it is possible to access different devices in the homes that are compatible with it, and even by associating the voice and image recognition options, it can be ensured that the Eko you interact with is automatically aware of the form. automatic There is a small one that is “in front”.

Girl using Amazon Echo speaker


What Amazon Kids offers

Some most important options Listed below are those that come with the service we mentioned in Spain:

  • Set time limits for daily use of Amazon technology. It is also possible to prevent the child from using the products during the hours when they should sleep.
  • Enabling a content filter to always ensure that what minors are doing is age appropriate. This controls songs like videos from listening to playback.
  • Parental control is included to always make desired settings and know exactly how Amazon Kids is being used.
  • The possibility to make calls and video calls with authorized persons such as grandparents, as well as the option to use communication between Amazon devices with functions such as Drop In.
  • Creation of personalized profiles for controlled use of voice and with all available privacy options (such as not being able to use microphone or camera). This also prevents it from being possible to shop on Amazon.

What should be done to achieve this?

Well, things are very easy from Amazon, because a Update Obtained for free, the company’s smart accessories tool acquires and can use it in full and in Spanish. So, for example, many of the Skills offered by the firm are likely to be adapted to minors (eg Talk with Pocoyo; Smile and Learn; or Clan Tales).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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