It’s no secret that millions of pairs of worn-out ones were wrapped around in piles, turning the volume with a solution to this problem offered by a company at the University of California Algenesis, where shoes were developed from fully biodegradable materials – Blueview.

The upper of the shoes is made from hemp-eucalyptus exporters, the canvas strap is made from cotton fabric, and the sole is made from algae oil-based Soleik polyurethane foam. It is very important that Blueview is already mass-produced.

Blueview shoes

According to the wear and tear of shoes, these must be thrown into a regular trash can, and in a special compost bin they completely decompose.

According to Algenesis, the upper surface of the skin disintegrates in a few months, and the sole in about a year. No less effectively Blueview decomposes and is found in sea water.

The biodegradable shoes are sold in two color options – black and sand dune. Price – 135 dollars.

Source: Tech Cult

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