Judging by the rumors, there will be no separate presentations, like September 7, in October.

Most likely, most new devices only evolutionary continuationso Apple tops won’t need to think about them with the scene.

However, this certainly does not mean that new devices will not deserve attention. They will “faster, higher, stronger”. Plus, they have time-tested technologies without obvious surprises.

New gadgets should just appear on the official Apple website additionally without receipt. We collected all the most interesting things that can show.

1. Final versions of iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 Ventura

Acceptance: 100%

Finally, it will be possible to update the iPad and Mac to the finals

About iPadOS 16 chips installed here. About the features of macOS 13 Ventura – here.

In October, there will definitely be final versions that will turn out install without any risk.

New iPad Models

2. Available iPad 2022 in some completely different format

Acceptance: 100%

There won’t be a new iPad

It is likely that the tablet has a form factor.

It is unlikely that Apple will use a fundamentally new. Most likely, it is worth calculating the form factor of the modern iPad Air with possible simplifications.

Face ID in this case is it impossible, but Touch ID will probably be built into power mode.

A screenshot can restore the air gap, but I wish Apple could do without it.

3. Two models of iPad Pro of different sizes based on the M2 chip

Probability: 80%

iPad Pro doesn’t change in appearance

Professional iPad models are also unlikely to be updated externally, but will most likely receive chips from the new M2 line.

It’s been discussed online that tablets get the Dynamic Island database. However, in order for this to look logical, it is necessary to reduce the frame around the screen very much, which will make the device uncomfortable to hold in your hands.

all in all, there is no balance in Dynamic Island in tablets. Occasionally, for now.

4. iPad mini 2022 without much changes, but on a fresh chip

Chance: 40%

iPad mini also never comes out

It’s hard to say today whether Apple will evaluate its small tablet at all.

On the one hand, lately she has been doing this with at least some regularity. On the other hand, on this planet, the company has long breaks.

all in all, waiting for new hardware. But we will not be very upset if this year it is not on the merits.

5. 14-inch iPad from the new Ultra simple or Pro line

Acceptance: 10%

Huge iPad for professional illustrators

It is likely that in the coming years, Apple will introduce a large tablet with a 14-inch screen. It is acceptable to call it iPad Ultra or something even more unusual.

To the bottom line absolutely all the developments of the company will be collectedregarding the quality of screens and hardware.

The device will certainly be in demand by professional illustrators, who will get more space for creativity.

However, the device is unlikely to simply throw on the site without a presentation at all.

New Mac Models

6. The same multi-colored iMac based on the same M2 chipset

Acceptance: 100%

New monoblocks are unlikely to be different from the old ones

In addition to the fresh chipset, the new basic all-in-ones are absolutely will not.

✓ Topic: Review of iMac with M1 processor. Comparison, family computer experience

7. Relatively affordable Mac mini based on the new M2 chip

Acceptance: 90%

Apple’s next most affordable computer

The current model runs on M1. There’s a powerful “build” of Studio, but it’s unlikely we’ll get an update.

From the 2022 update worth the wait only transition to M2 with all the innovations that follow from this.

8. Two MacBook Pros in different sizes based on M2 Pro (Max)

Acceptance: 70%

Current work on the M1 Pro (Max) chipset

A pair of MacBook Pros in different sizes would be one of the most interesting.

They should get chipsets M2 Pro and M2 Max with tons of extrasefficient performance, energy efficiency and more.

These chipsets belong to the Apple Silicon family. However, if they were a real breakthrough, separate events would definitely be taken for them.

✓ Topic:

  • Review of the 14-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Max processor. Power that only a select few can handle
  • 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro unboxing review. We answer questions
  • I have been using the new MacBook Pro 16 with M1 Pro for two months and found problems. This was not the case for the 2018 model.

9. New productive Mac Pro in some fresh format

Acceptance: 2%

The complexity of how the device will look like

His announcement definitely no need to wait without a presentation.

As for the Mac Pro, there is actually no plausible information today.

10. iMac Pro with more and on some new hardware

Acceptance: 5%

The screen size of such a computer can exceed 30 inches

Previously, Apple released two iMac models: 21 and 27 inches. Today, on the new chipset, she only has one 24-inch monoblock.

Professionals who work with visual content are waiting more powerful solution with larger display. It may well have more than 30 inches, which will be very useful when installing and not only.

However, the new Apple format will definitely not be displayed without a presentation.

11. The long-awaited augmented reality glasses Apple Glass

Tolerance: 1%

We are waiting for this release which year in a row

Until there was information about new devices without a separate event, one could expect something definite to come out.

However, now you can forget about it. apple for sure does not seem like a fundamentally new gadgetwhich can turn the industry once again, no loud event.

✓ Topic: 5 examples of what Apple Glass is expected to do. Waiting with resistance

12. Updated Apple TV in the old case, but with new hardware

Chance: 40%

The prefix is ​​definitely not from the outside

The prefix can be performed in only one way – adding to it more powerful hardware.

New AirPods

13. All the same AirPods Max in some new body colors

Acceptance: 90%

New sounds are missing

Rumors have been circulating about the new colors of on-ear headphones for several months. It is likely that they will appear in the Apple range without any events.

✓ Topic:

  • This is what white AirPods Max look like after 4 months. Wear and tear is real
  • This is what AirPods Max 2 batteries look like: new colors, MagSafe charging, improved moisture protection

14. AirPods 4th generation with at least some innovations

Acceptance: 5%


We are often asked about this gadget. It is unlikely that Apple will update the previous version of fully wireless headphones.

Which Apple devices are probably already in stock

Final iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. Tests of test designs of structural systems, which still do not work 100% stably, will be especially happy.

Affordable iPad 2022 in a new format. Apparently, it will be similar to the current iPad Air model.

A pair of iPad Pros based on the Apple M2 chipset. In addition to new hardware, innovations in them are unlikely to be.

Color iMac based on the same M2. They will repeat their allergy sufferers and completely.

Updated Mac mini with M2 on board. Again, only the filling is updated.

Pair of MacBook Pros on M2 purchase. The first devices based on M2 Pro and M2 Max that you want to believe.

All the same AirPods Max in new colors. The same headphones, but in new colors, they present without a presentation – not a problem at all.

Other gadgets without presentations on the official Apple website are unlikely to be presented. But it is important to understand that all of the above is not confirmed, so it can still change on either side.

Be that as it may, new devices should already be cool. The exception is the ability to use the simplest and most affordable iPad. It will be taken apart first.

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