Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram app, asked mobile device users to stop using the device What’s up?. According to the manager’s letter, any messaging app is better than Mark Zuckerberg’s company optionThe application can be easily hacked.

The creator of the rival app described an issue with the security of WhatsApp that was announced last week, where malicious hackers could send a video to users to steal data from smartphones.

“Every year we hear of a WhatsApp issue that puts everything on its users’ devices… It doesn’t matter if you’re the richest person on the planet – if you have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone, all the apps on your phone are affordable,” Pavel said.

No pressure”

Currently, Telegram has gained over 700 million active users and received nearly 2 million new signups per day, most of whom are looking for more security and privacy on their smartphones. In any case, the CEO of the app is already known for his acidic comments, such as when celebrating after the start of a holiday. antitrust investigation against Apple.

In Pavel’s theory, WhatsApp is responsible for allowing flaws and leaving deliberate loopholes so governments can freely access the personal data of the app’s nearly 2 billion active users. Earlier, the billionaire claimed that Zuckerberg’s app would only develop after fundamental changes in its structure.

Durov states in his post that he “does not pressure people to migrate to Telegram.” “You can use any messaging app you want, but stay away from WhatsApp – it’s been a surveillance tool for 13 years.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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