if you have an account Netflix and you consume its content on the screen of your phone or tablet, one of the things you absolutely dislike in this world is when, for carelessness or any other reason, unwanted pressure causes you to skip an episode of a series. or images from a movie. We tell you how to avoid it.

Achieving this is much simpler than you might think, because in practice iOS and Android includes a feature that aims to prevent this problem, among other things. So, forget about installing an additional app so that a glimpse of it ruins the moment of relief you get when you see some offers in the Netflix database.

How to lock phone screen while running Netflix

The steps you need to take are quite intuitive and once you learn them you will definitely not forget them as they are so simple to perform. The truth is, if you don’t want to be distracted or interrupted by your favorite last episode of the show, all you have to do is complete the episode. steps we stated below:

  • Open the Netflix app as usual, you may need to sign in. And then start playing something without changing the habits you have for it.
  • You will get access to the player integrated in the application, which is the same for both series and movies. With playback enabled, tap somewhere on the screen to see the options that the aforementioned built-in tool has.
  • Apart from the usual controls and being able to select the sound you use or see a list of episodes, at the bottom you will find an icon called Block. And obviously, you already know the function it has.
  • Tap on it and if a message pops up on the screen, confirm that it will lock the screen so that whatever you do, playback is not interrupted. You’ll even see a notification when you need to do something with your phone or tablet and don’t remember activating the option we mentioned, reminding you that tapping the screen doesn’t work as usual. .
  • It’s over, you’re done.
Netflix content list on mobile screen


You may be wondering how to break the lock. Well, it’s that simple: press the screen to show the options and again, lock icon with your padlock picture. So there is no loss, and as you can see, avoiding interruptions while using the Netflix mobile app is a close thing.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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