Over the years we have heard many cases of users who have saved their lives thanks to gods Apple Watch In fact, the portable devices of the Cupertino giant are able to contact emergency services and offer different possibilities for different cases, being able to keep users safe in multiple situations. This time, however, the life of an owner of an Apple-branded device was saved by an iPhone.

Let’s talk about Tim Blakeythose on your Instagram account, as reported by the New York Post, got to talk about his own touching story. The user has decided to go above 3,000 meters in the mountains, but got stuck after an icefall. The man was on a bridge classified as vulnerable that stopped his fall, and even about 5 meters below the ice he could connect to 3G, with 3% battery and water on the screen, to call iPhone emergency service.

The specific procedure of pressing the side button along with one of the volume up to the relative command to activate the company’s service, start a sound and a countdown and keep pressing the buttons until the end of the timer to call the emergency services.

Therefore, despite a dangerous situation to say the least, in which the phone was in bad condition, thanks to this possibility offered by the Cupertino giant, the user was able to save his life and use his device to the maximum at the best moment, remembering how some small details can be decisive in some cases, as the story has a happy ending.

Source: Lega Nerd

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