Magnit has launched coffee production in Tver, the network said in a statement. The retailer has opened a workshop on the grounds of his own company, where the company will roast and pack coffee.

Magnit opened a coffee roasting and packaging shop in Tver

The company plans to cover up to 26% of the network’s needs for this product and produce more than 800 tons of coffee per year in different price categories.

Magnit expects to offer its customers products at a 10% discount compared to its peers in the entry-level segment and 20% in the mid+ segment.

Bean and ground coffee from eight types of roasting under the “Moya Price”, “Magnit” and Gusto di Roma brands are already supplied to all stores in 67 regions where the network operates.

Coffee beans for the new production – Arabica and Robusta – the company buys from Brazil, Ethiopia, Uganda and Vietnam.

On the topic: Technology in every cup: how Brazil is modernizing coffee production. In 2021, Brazil’s coffee crop was reduced by about a quarter due to drought. The secondary effect was an overall reduction in the supply of coffee beans and a subsequent doubling of wholesale prices.

Previously, Magnit announced its intention to independently produce plant-based meat.

The company already owns four companies in the field of agriculture (producing lettuce, cucumber, tomato, potato, mushroom and other products) and 13 in the field of food production (cereals, pasta, syrups, spices, confectionery, etc. .).

The share of own brands in the Magnit assortment currently exceeds 20%. The private label portfolio includes 25 brands and 4 thousand positions.


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