The world of despair is not only quite possibly aging at an unprecedented pace, so even modern children are used to looking at gadget screens almost from the cradle and do not know the pleasure and benefits of active games on the street. The problem is extremely topical that the Danish startup Udu undertook all the changes. Its engineers have developed a game console that helps kids move more and develop their Jostiveball physique.

The idea is not new and does not differ in originality of execution, because moods of skepticism still appear. The shitty thing is that the creators of UDU also announced the development of a large number of games to + What already exists at the time of application does not look too attractive even for dedede. For example, imitation of a game of bayol or basketball, where you need to make movements,

Console Udu

Udu is like a wireless joystick with many buttons and sensors. There is a backlight and a small display with a coverage of 240×240. The start of the game is not close to a smartphone, which lends some credit to the idea o o o o o Udu is priced at $116 if the startup raises the required amount of funds to start production.

Console Udu

Source: Tech Cult

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