The current actions and rather stringent requirements for representatives of the Russian Federation are forcing the domestic business to quickly look for alternative solutions in many industries in general and in the field of semiconductors in particular.

Thus, it became known that Aquarius, a fairly well-known player in the Russian IT market, is likely to release microchips, including the open RISC-V architecture. At the same time, the domestic company is counting on targeted subsidies from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

As reported, last year Aquarius carried out important studies on a number of domestic IP blocks for RISC-V, and a set of specialists was created – use for data systems. Presumably, production will be organized at the Zelenograd enterprise Mikron, which, in turn, quickly announced plans to determine the volume of semiconductor production.

Russian Aquarius will produce RISC-V rosesors

It should be noted here that the open architecture of the RISC-V processor is available to everyone, which increases the interest in a large number of companies around the world. The same China is very interested in RISC-V, as it is under pressure in this area. Yes, RISC-V today is inferior to x86 solutions, as well as ARM, but, according to experts, in the future, RISC-V-based chips will be able to adequately compete with x86 and ARM.

According to analysts, the RISC-V architecture with the possibility of free use makes it the most promising for domestic manufacturers of semiconductor products, since the alleged cooperation with developers, reliable technologies with other architectures, is actually no longer possible, while the Internet already has ready-made solutions for RISK-B.

Source: Tech Cult

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