R, Its essence lies in the fact that instead of roads and bulky rockets that follow the production, a giant centrifuge is used, capable of accelerating compact spacecraft to speeds, achieving their exit into the stratosphere.

In September, full-fledged tests took place, in which representatives of not only NASA, but also Cornell University and Airbus took part. A test run of a satellite with + roving was carried out, the sensors of which were to be assembled by maxim ionic. But the experiment didn’t end there.

The next step was to study the collected data. First of all, it was necessary to find the capsule. The place of its fall was found quite lego, and in + d extraction in the demanding sense. Now the container is sent to the laboratory, where experts carefully study its condition. It is noted that despite the overload of 10,000 g and the greatest gift of the earth, there were practically no injuries,

Source: Tech Cult

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