Streaming gaming is something that will inevitably become commonplace soon (although there have been failed attempts like Stadia). One of the companies expected to bet on it is Microsoft, and it looks like they will do it with a console from the series. xbox which will work this way. And there are new details about him.

The expected name of the device is Xbox Keystone and it is expected to complete the console range owned by the Redmond company. well Not intended to be changed it is fully compatible with the conventional options currently known and provides an adequate way to play anywhere as long as you have internet as well as a monitor (or TV) and corresponding controls. A good idea to integrate into Xbox Game Pass.

What is known about this new Xbox

Well, in a message from Twitter Phil SpencerYou can see an image of a shelf with lots of gaming-related items, none other than the CEO of Microsoft Gaming. And among them, a small white device stands out on the top shelf, and everything indicates that it could be the aforementioned console (at least a prototype).

In many cases, the company’s executives ask, ‘Where’s Wally?’ Since they make use of such publications to place their writings, it is certainly not overlooked that the director planned and placed the team there, and thus the team placed it there. start effect For the arrival of Xbox Keystone. So they warm up the engines because it can be much more. close what was thought start.

What the console is expected to offer

While it is clear that there is no official data, what seems certain is that the device will have reduced dimensions and aesthetically remind of larger models. It will also have different connection options: Wi-Fi 6 and Ethernet to access the internet; Bluetooth for the use of accessories such as the controller; exit HDMI to connect the console to the TV; and even have usb type c this could be the way to get the current needed to work.

Xbox Console Back Keystone


In addition to using this Xbox to access an extensive catalog cloud games, the team will also have what it takes to use accounts from other services like Netflix or Disney+. This way, it can also be used as media player. If the operation is good, the truth is that this product shows the etiquette, maybe it will go on sale in 2023.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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