Samsung is not only concerned with releasing new devices as far as the mobile world is concerned, the company is also eager to continue updating its software, whether we are talking about One user interface or just from programs in the phones.

As reported on the pages of SamMobilethis is the case with the new update of the Calendaran application that comes with the version in this way and specifically allows you to color each event with a different shade. Everything is available through the galaxy store present in smartphones and must be able to be installed on all devices that support the One User Interface 4.1

After installing the update, just go to the settings on the side and go to the event colors screen, choosing one of the 4 brightness present Actually, the features have remained unchanged for good or bad, as at least it is a simple graphics upgrade, which will still be appreciated by users who exploit the potential of the Samsung app.

According to what has been reported, a widget has also been added for the secondary screens of the Galaxy Z Flip 3even if in reality this was already available for the devices in question, but this second confirmation can certainly only reassure the owners of foldable phones about its availability.

Source: Lega Nerd

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