YouTube will finally start working with unique identifiers for its users and channels. Handles named in English can be used directly on your channel’s URL and also eliminates the need for a minimum number of subscribers to have an editable address on the platform.

The novelty is gradually being rolled out and will reach the biggest channels and the most active YouTubers first. People will be notified when the ability to select a handle becomes available. The identifiers will be fully used on every channel on the platform until November 14th, so anyone who hasn’t chosen one for themselves by then will have automatically generated one based on the channel name.

The big difference and main use of identifiers, as mentioned earlier, is that they are unique. You can choose the name you want, it doesn’t have to be the same as the channel or the user and you can even change it later, provided that there is no other person with the same ID. Once selected, for example @tecmundo – you can be found by the chosen name. This identifier also starts generating the simplified URL – in this example it would be

Your username or channel is not affected by the selected identifier and the existing URL can continue to be used normally after the handle is created.

Source: Tec Mundo

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