Also on October 25, Microsoft, New accessibility accessories built into Windows 11. The products were developed in partnership with the disability community to assist those who have difficulty using traditional peripherals such as mice and keyboards.

HE The kit has three main components This allows you to configure, 3D print and customize the mouse, keyboard inputs and shortcuts according to the user’s needs. For example, the mouse may gain a left or right thumb rest extension or a tail.

You can use accessories for the keyboard that work even with standard 3.5mm assistive tech switches, allowing you to replace or expand it with a central hub or new wireless buttons. It can be customized with different buttons.

The user can adapt the buttons according to their needs.

“These adaptive accessories exist to solve common problems that can prevent people from getting the most out of their computers,” product director Panos Panay said in a post on the Windows blog. In the long run, the company wants to do whatever it can to solve the challenges of more than 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide.

Other accessories

In addition to the accessibility kit, Microsoft hybrid meeting experience. are they Microsoft Presenter+ and Microsoft Audio Dock.

The first is a Teams-enabled remote that can fast forward or rewind, mute or unmute slides, direct audience attention, and quickly join meetings via Microsoft Teams or other apps.

The other item, the Audio Dock, has four different ports (HDMI, two USB-C and USB-A) and a charger. It has dual speakers and microphones with noise reduction and integrated mute control.

Source: Tec Mundo

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