Of course, on more than one occasion, something happened that you had to use. GPS with your team Android, and the precision you get isn’t the best possible. Whether you’re inside a building or on a mountain, this can happen more often than you’d like. We show you an action you can take to fix what has happened to you, and at no cost to you.

The option we would suggest you use is an option available in Android to improve the accuracy of location in the Google operating system. And it has to do with using mobile data to increase the possibilities of the device you are using (usually a smartphone and usually always active). situation place where you are now the best possible way. And this is ideal for using Maps or any other application of this type.

Steps to improve your Android’s GPS pressure

What you need to check is if it is enabled in the configuration of the device you are using and if you want to improve the way you locate using GPS (you don’t need to install any third party apps and much less it will compromise the operation of the terminal… but, yes, consumption increases Right on time):

  • The first thing is that you need to access the device Settings from the home screen of the phone or tablet. To do this, you can, for example, use the circular gear-shaped icon in the list of installed applications.
  • Now a list of options will appear on the screen and among them you have to look for the option named Location and choose to access it. Once this is done, the next step you need to take is to do the same in the section called Location Services.
  • You will now find a feature called Google Location Accuracy. Use it and select the option named Improve location prediction (or similar, name changed in some Android customizations). No loss, that’s right.
  • Once you’ve checked that this is the case, you can go back to using the equipment and app or service that needs GPS, and verify that the pressure has clearly increased within a minute at the most.
GPS location on Android smartphone


It’s quite a simple possibility, and it doesn’t affect anything in the use of the Android terminal, except that the consumption increases in a timely manner. By the way, another possibility that allows you to increase the sensitivity is to activate it at any time. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanningas the antennas of the equipment start working and provide access to a better triangulation of the location.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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