attempt infecting our mobile phones with malware and other viruses becomes regular. It’s not the first time we’re talking about apps that hide a malicious virus to take control of your phone and drain your bank accounts. And if you are using a mod What’s up?you may experience problems.

Or this is what emerges from the latest publication by Kaspersky, the popular company specializing in computer security. It found that a modified version of WhatsApp hides malicious code.

If YoWhatsApp is installed, delete it as soon as possible.

we talk about sought mod for whatsapp YoWhatsApp and this offers functions that the official app doesn’t have. The problem is that it hides the dangerous Triada Trojan created to download and install other Trojans and hijack the phone.

At least this dangerous Trojan will start subscribing to paid services as well as stealing your WhatsApp account. According to data processed by Kaspersky, More than 3,600 users have been affected by YoWhatsApp.

application has additional featuresbeing able to send bulk messages, change the font and font size, custom filters… But the dangerous code hidden inside makes it a dangerous Trojan, so if you have YoWhatsApp installed on your Android phone, it’s better to delete it as soon as possible. possible.

As Kaspersky reported, This dangerous Trojan is not available on Google Play. The problem is that you can download YoWhatsApp through two well known download sites, Snaptube and Vidmate.

It’s also not the first time the guys at Kaspersky have come across a Trojan horse disguised in a WhatsApp mod distributed by Triada, as the security company points out.

As warned by Kaspersky “Since YoWhatsApp was introduced in the Snaptube app, which is used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world, many are not even aware that this change could be dangerous. Most likely, even the Snaptube developers were unaware that the attackers had decided to exploit the app’s advertising mechanism.” The conclusion is clear: do not download any mods or apps other than Google Play.

It’s true that Google’s app store is also threat-free, but at least it’s harder for us to install an app that contains hidden viruses, malware or Trojans.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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