The Russian developer of educational robotics and franchisor of the Robbo network of children’s robotics circles will receive 20 million rubles to adapt the Robbo Class and Robbo Club products to the Chinese market. This was reported by the company’s press service.

Robbo will start developing the Chinese educational robotics market

Previously, Robbo won the 2021 Russia-China Competition, after which he opened a representative office in China in 2022.

The funding will come as a grant based on the results of the Export-Digital Technologies competition as part of the Digital Technologies project of the Digital Economy national program. The company will use the funds received to adapt the “Robbo Class” and “Robbo Club” projects to the specificities of the region.

The company plans to open programming and robotics clubs for children, as well as teams for Robbo engineering classes. The first sales of the franchise and deliveries of engineering classes to Chinese schools are expected to begin in 2023.

According to the founder and producer of Robbo, Pavel Frolov, the Chinese robotics market could reach 30% of the world market by the end of 2022, so the company sees development prospects in the country.

In recent years, the field of work technology has attracted more and more investment. In 2021, startups in this area were able to receive more than $17 billion.

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Source: RB

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