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Home Tech Renault Mobilize Solo, a new joystick-controlled single-seat electric car (video)

Renault Mobilize Solo, a new joystick-controlled single-seat electric car (video)


Renault Mobilize Solo this is single-seat three-wheeled vehiclewhich is processed with joystick. Its length is only 1.37 meters. Six Solo fit in a standard parking space.

Urban mobility aims for electrification, as well as getting rid of the nonsense of thousands of 5-seater cars cruising the city with one passenger, with the ensuing energy losses and environmental pollution.

Mobilize Solo This is a Renault offer. Concept electric car for one person tricycle designed Renault India, which has a reputation for producing highly inventive vehicles. Renault’s press release explains that the Mobilize Solo originated from a skateboard with an umbrella…

Renault Mobilize Solo, a more secure moped

Despite the shape of the car, this concept car has power and philosophy moped. Drive at top speed 25 km/hY does not require a driver’s license.

Renault confirms that its main advantage is that it’s much safer. The cabin protects the driver, they also have an airbag. And a button on the leg that brings the vehicle to a complete stop.

Most impressive is its compact design, which makes it one of the smallest cars ever made. Its dimensions are only 1.37 meters long, 1.75 meters high and only 0.90 meters wide. They can park anywhere. urban mobility in its minimum expression.

Renault Mobilize SoloIn addition to being an electric vehicle that does not pollute the environment, it is made up of 50% recycled materials and 95% of its components are recyclable. Right under the seat there is a place to store a backpack.

As we said in the title works like a joystick, an allusion to video games. Although now joysticks are used only in flight simulators. The two front wheels are driven by an electric motor, while the rear is used for turning.

Another curiosity is that One socket can charge several cars at the same time. One of them is connected to the current, and the rest are charged inductively, one to the other, without wires. They can also use replaceable batteries so you don’t have to wait.

Renault Mobilize Solo, electric car for one person which is processed as joystickAt the moment, this is a prototype that will be shown at the Paris Motor Show. The French brand has not yet decided whether it will produce it.

Source: Computer Hoy

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