Imagine ordering an Uber for 15 minute ride and a Equivalent fare of more than BRL 200,000 for a journey of only 6 km. This is what happened to one user of the transport app in the UK. Independent last week.

The unusual accusation took place with intern Oliver Kaplan. After finishing his job at the restaurant in the Manchester area, he wanted to get in the car to take him to a bar with his friends.

According to Kaplan, a frequent user of the app, price stated at the time of order was approximately GBP 11, equivalent to R$65 at current price. Satisfied with the value, the young man confirmed the order and waited for the car to arrive.

He said that the trip was made normally and the cost of the trip would be deducted from his account. But when she woke up hungover the next day, the intern was startled when she saw Uber’s notice stating this. bank balance was insufficient to pay the run, whose rate remained constant £35k (R$207k).

App set Australia as target

Oliver’s response was to immediately call the app’s call center to challenge Uber’s false accusation. Moments later, the attendant discovered what constituted the astronomical value of the journey: for some reason, platform set Australia as user’s destination.

Realizing the mistake, the company adjusted the fare to the correct value of the ride, £10.73 (BRL 63.71)leaving the passenger alone. Despite the quick fix provided by the company, he said he believes if he had the amount originally debited from his account, he would most likely face a long battle to get a refund.

Source: Tec Mundo

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