Gazprombank’s broker will write off the commission for storing euros and dollars in brokerage accounts, according to the lending institution’s website. The changes will take effect on October 19.

Gazprombank broker will allow holding currency in accounts without commission

Gazprombank introduced a fee for SWIFT transfers and storage of currency in accounts on July 20. The commission amounted to 3%.

“We inform you that as of October 19, 2022, changes to the GPB Bank Fee Book (JSC) for brokerage operations come into force. As of this date, for individual clients, the commission for depositing foreign currency in US dollars and euros in brokerage accounts is cancelled.

It is also indicated that the rate of holding Swiss francs in accounts will not change, today it is 0.017% per day, but not less than 1 Swiss franc.

Previously, on July 1, Tinkoff introduced a fee for storing dollars and euros in brokerage accounts.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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