VK acquired a 25% stake in the developer company Goodt from Lanit Group, the corporation’s press service reported. The transaction took place on October 17, its amount was not disclosed.

VK acquires 25% of Goodt to jointly develop HR solutions platform

Goodt specializes in HR process automation solutions under the Rostalent brand. VK plans to develop the direction of HR Tech to increase the efficiency of employees and their participation in the work process.

The integration is planned to take place in three stages. The teams will first accelerate the development of Rostalent, then create a common platform for HR solutions. After that, it is planned to launch HR scenarios and products based on cloud solutions from VK on the market.

Previously, VK’s subsidiary ITR LLC received 87.2% of Interactive Video Technologies LLC, which developed the Movika interactive video creation platform. Prior to this, control of Movika belonged to a subsidiary of Sberbank LLC Digital Assets.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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