Against the background of the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia, the demand for the services of the self-employed has increased. Employers cannot fire mobilized employees, but they are required to keep their jobs until they return from duty. The self-employed, due to their condition, may occupy some of these positions, however, in the future, companies may force them to recognize these workers as permanent.

Demand for self-employed workers rises amid employee mobilization

In July, 52% of employers cooperated with the self-employed, by September their share had risen to 56%, according to the results of a YouDo and survey, the results of which were reviewed by Kommersant.

Basically, companies are ready to hire 30 to 100 freelancers, every 30th company can afford a higher number of freelancers. Nearly 50% of businesses need marketers, advertisers, and PR specialists (47%), IT specialists (44%), messengers (25%), recruiters (23%), shippers (23%), and designers (22 %).

Working with freelancers now seems like a logical and justified option, but in the future there may be a risk that such cooperation will be reclassified as labor by court ruling. “When recruits return to their jobs, self-employed workers can start filing lawsuits to have their GPC contracts recognized as employment contracts, with all the required payments and benefits,” said Elena Kozhemyakina, managing partner of the law firm. BLS.

According to Dmitry Serebryakov, CEO of Digital HR Platform, a new service industry is now forming in the country that makes it easier for companies to work with freelancers: they organize for them not only search and hiring, but also pay for the work done. , and also assume the flow of documents.


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Source: RB

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