Final of the season Rings of Power, from Prime Video, is considered by many to be the best episode of the series. In addition, he left us a key revelation. Halbrand, heir presumptive to the throne of the Southlands, is actually Sauron. However, most of the audience was surprised that before the premiere Rings of Power, there have never been any leaks that anticipate Charlie Vickers’ most important role..

How Amazon managed to hide this information in an era when spoilers Are leaks okay? Well, very “simple”. Believe it or not not even Vickers knew he was going to play Sauron when filming began. Rings of Power. In fact, the actor was informed about this after some time. Thus, Prime Video has taken care to keep the secret as long as possible. The result, as it was already clear, was a success.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the aforementioned actor detailed how he knew it would be Sauron. Although the production did not tell him this at the time of his audition, suspected he was a villain for the test scenes, he was asked to act when he was selected. Of course, he never thought about the Dark Lord himself.

“I had maybe six or seven auditions, and by the time I got to the end of the audition process, I was given two monologues. I was given a Richard III monologue when he stands over the body and, in fact, is evil. the other was from lost heaven, a Milton poem that literally was Satan. So when I was doing those speeches, I had this idea that the character had some kind of dark arc.”

Thus, Charlie Vickers began filming his episodes in Rings of Power, but always assuming that it will only be Halbrand. Nonetheless, after the second episodeproduction surprised him with this news.

“We filmed the first two episodes and then went on hiatus due to COVID. All this time I thought I was playing Halbrand, a man from the Southlands. But then I was seated right before we started filming the third episode. they said, “That’s not all. You play Sauron.”

Vickers admits to being suspicious of his future as Sauron because Halbrand’s script has also begun to change. “It’s good that they confirmed it correctly,” he concluded.

Before Rings of Power saw the light of day, the public was almost certain that Bridie Sisson’s character was Sauron. As the episodes progressed, that theory fell apart, and all eyes turned to Halbrand. Now everything is ready for the Dark Lord to start his chaos in Middle-earth from the second season.

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