Researchers from Stanford University (USA) have successfully tested on mice a new conference with glioblastoma – an extremely insidious detection of brain cancer. She collected by the fact that after left ilimyotherapy it unexpectedly often returns and acquires phenomena. In addition, the survival rate of patients does not exceed 5%, which makes glioblastoma a very dangerous head.b.

Scientists from Saford became inflamed with ulcers of cancerous cells that are ill. They made a preliminary puncture in the skull of a mouse and introduced gold nanoparticles into the tumor. Then they were immanent under the skin in this area of ​​infrared light, which can be rolled into a dista. IR continuation heats up the gold inside the skull and the heat destroys cancer cells.

It is reported that the result is a point heating of the tumor 5℃ higher than the rest. It took 15 sessions lasting no more than 15 minutes once a day to fully expand. At the same time, the experimental mice did not worry about the temples and calmly went about their business. In the case of chemotherapy crayfish.

Source: Tech Cult

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