since a while Netflix It is in the gaming segment and is geared towards mobile devices they are currently launching. But what is known is that things will change as the company plans to go one step further to raise its stake. Therefore, the forecasts you have look positive.

And what’s your opinion on Netflix? Well, it’s not going crazy right now and is not releasing titles for the latest consoles (which, by the way, usually requires a very strong investment and infrastructure). What they discovered was that they completely cloud games. And that’s a good idea, because we’re talking about a market that is in full expansion. But yes, they will find strong competition in it.

A confirmation that leaves no room for doubt

Well, it was vice president of development for Netflix games (Mike Verdu), who stated that they were reviewing the possibilities of playing this way, as stated in the information source. And according to him very serious options so the company bets to get completely into it. He even commented that he was logical step Once the firm enters the video game industry, the future is undoubtedly cloud.

Games created by Netflix


And the truth is, it makes sense anywhere in the world to know the business model the platform has. They have the necessary experience to manage everything that has to do with it. online content. That way, the company wouldn’t come without a clear idea of ​​how to operate (something that has surprisingly happened to others, and an example is Google). They also have the power to position themselves well and constantly benchmark their game developers to have a solid foundation for improvement. In conclusion, this is not a far-fetched idea at all.

Netflix will replace someone else

Obviously we’re talking about Google’s Stadia. It has been announced that this service is in the process of closing as it has not been able to obtain the necessary wickerwork to maintain it. Therefore, in which example Set This is not exactly that. Ideally, take note Xbox Cloud Gamingwhich is currently the option with the highest applicability and excellent performance – as noted by users who have accessed it.

The approximate release date or the idea that it should work are unknown at the intervention of the Netflix director. But if the platform has the idea and has already announced it, it’s normal to think about it. advanced the steps to be taken positioning itself in a market that is in full growth.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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