From year to year, various functions and structural elements gradually develop in iPhones. Apple is gradually updating and improving the capabilities of the smartphone.

However, one problem has happened over the life of the iPhone. I already expected that there would ever be a need from her. I am sure that not everyone has found the question, but for me personally it is relevant.

It’s about speaker.

Absolutely everyone in the iPhone this “cutout” reader will be clogged in a month. And after 3 months, the grid has already been cleaned. Sometimes more often, depending on the model.

For this, a cotton swab (or disk) and an alcohol solution were usually used. They clean the speaker mesh well and catch the accumulation of dirt and dust. True, this does not always help. Some elements still linger on the grid and settle.

This was the case, for example, with my iPhone 13 Pro. Six months later, I stopped speaking through the speaker altogether because heard almost nothing. Various cleaning methods did not save the situation.

Looking forward to comments about dirty pockets and so on. No, in the pocket where the iPhone usually lies, cleanliness is always found. Only some pile of fabric can fly into the speaker and that’s it. How my iPhones get so clogged is unknown.

What has changed in the iPhone 14 Pro

The shape of the cutout for the earpiece.

If in the past generation it was with more right angles, now they are a little more beveled. Yes, and he himself became a little thinner and wider. The appearance in this part seems to be slightly off the frame by a millimeter.

In the end, various debris that flies into the speaker does not accumulate on the grid itself, but on the bottom of the cutout. Thanks to this, its passengers have become easier. You don’t even need a toothpick to remove the dirt. It is easily removed by hand.

And if some large grains fly into the speaker, they get stuck a little in the cutout and are easily blown through.

Finally for a month the speaker remained clean and does not even give a reason to think that it will someday be clogged, as was the case with past iPhones.

Thanks Apple!

Source: Iphones RU

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