According to him, the person freezes constantly for no reason, as he may have problems with his blood vessels. The doctor likened them to a heating system through which hot blood flows. And if there is a violation of the functioning of blood vessels, the person freezes.

The doctor noted that it is necessary to look for the cause of such failures. This can be anemia caused by iron deficiency or low hemoglobin. In this case, blood delivery is delayed, the body begins to “panic” and dilate blood vessels. Heat is given and the person freezes.

It can also be caused by a deficiency of vitamins A and E. Lack of saturated fat. These substances are necessary for the normal functioning of an important hematopoietic organ – the liver, which is also responsible for warming the blood.

Excess fat, excess weight leads to the same consequences as anemia: the body begins to dilate blood vessels to supply organs and tissues with retained oxygen.

The reason may be in the disruption of the thyroid gland. With such violations, the metabolism slows down, and the person feels cold. It affects heat loss and diabetes. Diabetics often have very cold feet due to numbness of the extremities.

It is necessary to remember one of the most common reasons why a person freezes – hypotension. Also, this condition is affected by all problems with blood vessels and capillaries.

“Our ships are pipes and batteries for heating, hot blood circulates in them. When it’s cold, blood vessels constrict to stay warm. When hot, they expand to give off heat. But if you are constantly freezing, the pipes are broken or something is preventing them from working. That is, because of what could happen,” the doctor said.

News cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Consult an expert before making a decision.

Source: Ferra

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