Why is the iPhone 13 worth more than the iPhone 14?

We tell you why you should get the iPhone 13 before the iPhone 14.

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For the first time in many iPhone generations, everyone agrees: right now iPhone 13 is worth more than iPhone 14. Two very unusual aspects have been brought together: a dramatic increase in price and little improvement at the hardware level.

Between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 we found almost no significant difference, as we have already seen in our comparison. The main improvements are minor: detection of traffic accidents and minor improvements to the cameras and processor. Of course, the differences from the official price of the iPhone 14 not worth 100 euros.

Reasons to buy iPhone 13 before iPhone 14

iPhone 14

iPhone 13 is now much more interesting than iPhone 14

1. Price

this iPhone 13 starts at an official price of 100 euros less than iPhone 14. It’s true that its price hasn’t dropped, but given that all the new iPhone 14s cost more than 1,000 euros, it falls within a pretty narrow price range.

Also keep in mind that iPhone 13 can get very important and discounts in trusted stores. not strange See cheaper between 50 and 100 euros. Therefore, the price difference between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 becomes even more serious. The main reason to choose the iPhone 15.

iPhone 13

iPhone 14

2. Features

this iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 share the vast majority of specs. We have the same exterior design, the same notch and the same screen as Face ID. The A15 Bionic processor has a very minor improvement in the graphics department and a minor improvement in the cameras that take better low-light photos.

Generally, we are facing almost the same iPhone. You won’t notice that one is faster than the other, and unless you dig into the details it will be hard to spot the difference in the photos taken.

3. Updates in the same years

Because they have exactly the same features and the same processor, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 will be updated to the same operating system. The main reason for the lack of updates is the processor and both use the A15 Bionic chip.

Note that Apple currently updates the iPhone for 5 years, so it’s most likely existing iPhones are updated even longer. Thanks to the available power, they will be able to easily upgrade to software version 6 or 7 without any problems.

These 3 main reasons why iPhone 13 is worth more than iPhone 14. These are two nearly identical devices in terms of specs, with an exaggerated price difference.

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