Some publications came out that the iPhone SE (2022) and iPhone 14 with the RU index began to be sold in Russia. At the same time, Apple has not officially resumed sales of its equipment in Russia.

It is noted that RU-iPhones are already sold in Svyaznoy and some other stores. Photo proof of the Rozetked publication.


Does this mean that the company has returned to Russia? Not.

Apple sells models with a crown index in different countries. Usually, if RU is indicated on the box, it can be a device not only for Russia, but also for the CIS countries. For example, for Belarus, Kazakhstan or Georgia.

On early gadgets intended for sale specifically in Russia, the packaging should have a PCT icon that looks like this:

There are no such icons on packages with iPhone 14. This means that smartphones do not undergo official certification in Russia, and Apple, apparently, simply decided not to change the stickers describing and marking the factory model.

Perhaps the company did not change the well-established process due to the suspension of sales in one country. It also cannot be ruled out that this is a deliberate step on the part of Apple, which will allow you to return to Russia in the future.

Source: Iphones RU

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