This is the car mount your iPhone needs

Ideal for your car, this MagSafe accessory is one of the best supports you can find for your iPhone.

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MagSafe is one of Apple’s best inventions that lets you have lots of useful accessories, including car mounts. If you are one of those who want Carry iPhone in a comfortable and safe position in the carThis accessory, on sale at Amazon, should be yours.

ESR HaloLock is an accessory that can be easily inserted into our vehicle in a variety of ways. Easily attach iPhone with MagSafe magnets. Besides the built-in magnets, we also have a non-slip silicone ring that will hold your phone securely and stably even on the worst roads.

ESR HaloLock MagSafe Car Phone Holder

ESR HaloLock

With ESR HaloLock you have a very interesting car mount

we have available two options for fixing the support to the vehicle– The classic vent clip and dashboard mount gives you complete freedom to place your phone where you’re most comfortable. Whatever vehicle you have, ESR HaloLock fits perfectly into your dashboard so you can put it in the best spot.

This accessory only holds your iPhone, it does not charge wirelessly. But if that interests you, there is one Same option with wireless charger of the same brand. Thus, you will be able to simply place and charge the iPhone. Definitely the most useful accessory.

ESR HaloLock MagSafe Car Phone Holder

HaloLock ESR Charger

ESR HaloLock also available with wireless charger

In principle, MagSafe is compatible with all iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 generations. However, there is a very inexpensive accessory that makes any iPhone compatible with MagSafe. Therefore, anyone can use this cool accessory in their car.

this kind MagSafe accessories are highly recommended, a more interesting solution than other types of car holders. This is much easier than using the vast majority.

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