There has been a lot of news about it lately. YouTube, and now there’s a good explanation for that. The platform owned by Google soon became a new design -with new features- for all users to enjoy. Therefore, changes are coming.

An official statement has been released showing the most important news from the hand of Neal Mohan, product director at YouTube. Also, gradually starting today, everything will be rolled out so that anyone with an account on the video streaming service can take advantage of the changes as soon as possible. This way, the company wants everything to work as quickly as possible.

The most important news coming to YouTube

It seems that the main goal is to get a much better user experience when using the platform application. And one of the things that was decided to achieve this is to offer a much wider range of colors in the interface – an example is a much wider gray scale – accompanied by a color. more rational button placement (Most of these become circular and move around, such as making a Like in a lower area).

Design changes on YouTube


Also, changes in the font used, which are better readable if not much larger, and to subscribe to a channel, now it loses its usual red color white. It continues to stand out a lot, but it’s true that it has lost some of its identity. Success is a button to access a created channel, now available, much better than the previous link. This change is very good, all that must be said.

New Ambient Mode, a long-awaited development

If you are familiar with Philips Ambilight technology, this new option will certainly sound familiar to you. Now around the video a small growing halo of color -depending on what is being shown, changing its tonality for continuity and added appeal-. It’s flashy and a little more, and with good judgment, YouTube leaves it up to users whether this works or not. Well done.

Apart from the ones mentioned, two more interesting functions are coming to the platform. The former allows to be more precise when it comes to it. find a specific point in reproductions. This is because you can perform a drag gesture on the item that shows you where you are, showing screenshots of what you’re seeing at any given moment. Therefore, everything will be easier.

Zoom a video with the YouTube app


The second function coming to YouTube is the implementation of something long-awaited for everyone: It becomes official in order to be able to. zoom With the usual motion of videos, currently used with images. In this way, you can increase a certain place in the image if you wish.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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