Cupertino finally released the final version of their system for Mac, which was presented back in the summer at WWDC 2022.

To the point: 50 innovations in macOS Ventura. Collected all the most important things that were not said at the presentation

Depending on the settings, the update will be automatically downloaded by the system or the computer will be abused manually.

Which Macs are updated with macOS 13 Ventura

These Mac models can officially install the new OS:

▪️ iMac 2017 and up
▪️ iMac Pro 2017 and up
▪️ Macbook 2017 and newer
▪️ Macbook Air 2018 and newer
▪️ MacBook Pro 2017 and newer
▪️ Mac Pro 2019 and newer
▪️ Mac mini 2018 and newer
▪️ Studio Mac

Older Macs cannot be updated.

We have collected for you the most valuable system updates that follow immediately after the update.

1. iPhone as a webcam for Mac

For several months of using test systems, this feature I liked the most. It will especially please owners of stationary Macs without a built-in webcam (Mac mini, Mac Pro or Studio Mac), for owners of computers – very high quality video communications. Of course, a couple of smartphones should be updated to iOS 16.

Please note that this feature will be available on smartphones. iPhone XS/XR, iphone x and iphone 8which are necessary iOS 16will not work.

To the point: How to use your iPhone as a webcam in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura

If you can’t update your Mac or iPhone, you can set up your smartphone as a webcam using external apps.

Where to looking for: first check if it is enabled Compatibility feature for webcam along the way Settings – General – AirPlay and Handoff on an iPhone.

Then look into the Mac options and activate the toggle switch Allow Handoff (System Preferences – General – AirDrop and Handoff).

Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth on one gadget and connecting them to a wireless network.

Now launch any app using camera on Mac and unlock your iPhone. You can switch to the camera via Control point macOS.

2. New Multitasking Mode Stage Manager

If the previous option has become one of the most interesting in the system, then it is the most controversial. Cupertino decided to “reinvent” multitasking and noticed a new way to interact with desktops.

I never figured out the brilliant idea and could not find a use Producer in their Mac usage scenarios.

To the point: How the new Stage Manager multitasking works in macOS Ventura. strange thing

However, try the new window batching system and it’s definitely worth it between applications. Perhaps you think that this is very convenient, and you reduce the use of the side menu in your work.

Where to looking for: turns on the chip through the new switch in Control point macOS.

If for some reason it is not there, you can turn it on along the way System Preferences – Control Center – Vendor – Show in Menu Bar.

3. Clock app with timer and Spotlight support

Finally, you don’t have to feel like third-party apps to use an alarm or timer on a Mac. Cupertino transferred one of the standard utilities from the iPhone to computers.

The program looks familiar, but it has its own chip.

To the point: 10 New iOS 16 and macOS Ventura Features I’m Excited About Right Now

A running timer will display a countdown right in the menu bar. Only a couple of additional actions for the context menu are missing.

Where to looking for: run the application Watch through search spotlight or Launchpad.

4. Quickly Transfer Calls to and from iPhone

It is strange that such a useful and convenient option has appeared in the Apple gadget ecosystem just now. It should have been added during the development of the mechanisms Hands off and Continuity.

Instead, the Cupertinos only with an exit iOS 16 and macOS Monterey transfer calls face time between gadget particles on the same Apple ID account.

Where to looking for: during an audio or video call, it is quite common to see an icon in the waiting menu and the possibility of transferring a call from iPhone to Mac. The call will be redirected unnoticed by the interlocutor, after which it will be possible to connect the smartphone as a webcam according to the instructions described above.

5. New Passkey password manager

This feature will become quite useful for all owners in the near future. iPhone and Poppy. With its help, you can quickly go through authorization on sites and services or share passwords with other people.

To the point: How the passkey works in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. This is an alternative to choosing on sites

To start support, developers of sites and services should be introduced, and then owners of apple technology will see it, taking into account authorization.

Where to looking for: pay attention to the proposed authorizations on the sites. If you watch Access keyfeel free to tag it instead of the usual bunch of login and password.

6. Automatic captcha bypass on websites

Active Mac users will be grateful for the results of such a simple but very useful system feature. The new algorithm allows you to automatically pass verification on sites and services instead of manually entering captcha.

To the point: iPhone and Mac can now automatically pass captcha on the Internet! How it works

The Cupertino team came up with a rather intricate algorithm and used third-party services only so that the owners of equipment with the same system would meet as rarely as possible with unnecessary checks.

Where to looking for: you can activate the chip along the way System Preferences – Apple ID – Password & Security – Auto Verify.

7. New features of the Mail app

As usual, the key OS update didn’t come without adding new options for the standard Mac mailer. If you have previously used this application, remember the new features, and if you have assumed similar ones, pay attention to the program again Mail with interest.

The utility received three cool innovations that were previously found in external mail clients.

Where to look for new options:

Sending mail on schedule. You can write a congratulatory letter or a work report in advance and set up sending e-mail on a strictly scheduled basis. To do this, when creating a new letter, you must use a special indicator and select a convenient time for sending.

Cancel sending emails. The operating system will offer the option to cancel the mail just sent within 10 seconds. During this time, you went through the transfer and went through the necessary changes. Delete button in the top left corner of the app.

Reminder to reply to an email. Useful ability to create a reminder to read or reply to important emails. It is not easy to use third party applications for this. Just side swipe right on the desired letter and press the purple button to set it as a keepsake.

8. Innovations in the standard Safari browser

Not left without new options and applications Safari. The regular browser has acquired dozens of small options, some of them work without user intervention, some run or activate.

Where to look for new options:

View saved passwords from Wi-Fi networks. Now the authorization codes entered earlier can be found in the parameters on the tab Passwords. Just start typing the name of the network into the search list.

Synchronization of settings for building extensions. All connected files will migrate between file applications with the same Apple ID settings along with the saved ones.

Synchronization of settings for sites. If you like to highlight each individual site for easy reading (set the text size, font, theme, and others), then they will be transferred to the main device within one account account.

Tab groups can now be shared with other people for quick viewing and discussion.

9. Updated Live Text with Russian language support

A useful option that allows you to select, translate or copy text on top of a photo or video has been launched in Russian. The feature is integrated directly into the standard macOS and some system applications.

You can share text from a screenshot, photo, or paused video in almost any Apple app. An option will soon appear in external utilities for Mac.

To the point: The best feature of iOS 16 and macOS Ventura? We turn on the recognition of Russian text on photos, videos and even in the browser

Where to looking for: included chip along the way System Preferences – General – Language & Region – Text Scanner.

10. Completely redesigned app settings

This innovation will be discussed for a long time by the owners of apple technology. Some people rejoice at the look of iOS and iPadOS-style settings, while others angrily cannot quickly find the necessary sections of system settings.

To the point: First impressions of macOS 13 after installation. Bring back the old settings!

In any case, you should go to the macOS settings and post your opinion about the update.

Where to looking for: just run the application System settings and quickly find something you need.

Here is a set of chips and changes should be tested after installing this update. Other less significant parameters are revealed during longer operation. macOS Ventura.

Source: Iphones RU

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