Apple VP of Marketing Greg Joswiak has confirmed that the next iPhone will get a USB-C port instead of Lightning to comply with the new device law. Joswiak stated this in an interview. Wall Street Magazine.

Obviously, it’s easy for us to comply, we have no choice.

Greg Joswiak, Apple VP of Marketing

He also noted that there is a “little disagreement” within Apple and EU law over the regulation of chargers.

USB-C and Lightning are two of its most popular connectors in the world, and over a billion people use some kind of Lightning cable. Apple thinks it has struck a balance by using a cable that can be detached from the power supply. It can have Lightning on one side, and any type of connector that is most convenient for the user, such as USB-C or USB-A, on the other.

According to the new law, by the end of 2024, USB Compliance of the Republic in all smartphones sold in devices. Apple is expected to bring USB-C to the iPhone 15.

Source: Iphones RU

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