you have a word to say wherever you go…do what you see. The truth is, companies are following the steps taken by Apple and YouTube when evaluating a possible price increase in their services. And as far as is known, Spotify seriously considering doing the same thing. However, yes, there are some important conditions to be aware of in this regard.

In an interview given by the CEO of the company named Daniel Ek, the company leading the music streaming market seriously considering raising prices. This will happen in 2023, and according to the latest known data on the company’s accounts, it’s still surprising as what’s been released is pretty positive: more paying users than expected and better benefits.

Uploading to Spotify will be restricted in principle

It’s definitely something that lets a lot of people breathe… at least for now. Ek stated that the idea they had was to evaluate the monthly quota increase in the market. United States of America. And for now, that would just be it. That’s because Spotify prices have not changed since launch: $9.99 for individual accounts and $15.99 for family accounts. For this reason, it is thought that the time has come to take a step, as it has already happened in 46 other markets.

phone with Spotify app


The truth is that Apple is letting Spotify do this without losing it, with the install it announced the day before. fist in comparison of the price each platform has. And also, perception that everything was started by the Cupertino company. Apparently, some were waiting for someone to step up to do the same. In short, the moment seems opportune so that the price increase will not have a serious impact on subscribers (which, yes, how much is not specified, but it will certainly not exceed a few dollars at most).

This download will come to other regions

Well, nothing was mentioned neither by the media conducting the interview nor by Ek himself for what was stated in the interview. But the truth is that when prices rise in markets as important as the US or Europe, sooner or later this affects the rest. Especially if big drops are not detected in paying subscribers (note that Spotify keeps the free option with ads).

Therefore, Spotify seems to want pay more for your service As he continues his private fight against Apple in different areas, such as the way those in Cupertino work in their App Store. And here, to the surprise of many, the streaming service has garnered support from Elon Musk, who hasn’t avoided a puddle to get into.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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