The researched intellect is already stepping on the heels of people-creators in the creation of new artistic diseases, it poses a new urgent task for science – to understand, substantiate, describe and present such a complex concept as “the ability to be creative”. This is a new development of the intellectual system and the progress of the development of the system itself. Especially for this task, Harvard University has developed a simplified but deep “Test for Divergent Associations” (in English).

The bottom line is to pick up nouns that cover material objects that are as large as possible larger than bb For example, “red cat” and “green cat” are almost the bottom and Eve is the same as “dog with a paddle” But “kitten” and “ultrasonic laser” are very different things. The test showed the presence of a passed and expressed creative potential, if the subject chose at least ten words that are most valuable. But more is possible.

When checking test results, AI uses methods for assessing semantic weight and applying the same method. The more difficult it is to do this, the more highly the test result is evaluated – this serves as a measure of a person’s ingenuity, his initiative to generate new meanings.

The test is good because it does not depend in any way on the personal qualities of a person, his emotional background, education, etc. The downside is that such a test evaluates only one of the aspects of creativity, but one of the obvious ones is that it evaluates a known amount of information and comes up with something new based on it. This procedure of making an invaluable contribution to the development AI.

Source: Tech Cult

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