Ozon completed an asset inventory of a portion of the New Riga warehouse that was not destroyed by fire. 80% of the merchandise was left intact, they are now for sale again.

Ozon completed the inventory of goods from the unburned part of the warehouse in New Riga

80% of the goods in the Ozon warehouse block in Novaya Riga that survived the fire turned out to be in perfect condition, a market representative said. All these goods have already been returned for sale, they are mainly in a warehouse in Pushkin. Sellers can check in their personal account which products are returned for sale.

“For the remaining 20% ​​of assets in November, we will offer compensation to sellers, similar to how we previously compensated for assets from burned blocks,” Ozon said. They added that they would provide sellers with a report on inventory results in November.

Sellers will need to confirm the report in their account to receive payment. Payments are expected to be completed by January 31, 2023.

The fire at the Ozon warehouse in Novaya Riga in the Moscow region occurred on August 3. The fire area was 55 thousand square meters. m., the building burned almost completely.

25,000 businessmen received compensation for burned goods, that is 70% of the total number of vendors whose goods were stored in burned blocks, Ozon said.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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