World-famous Swiss watchmaker Rolex has unveiled a standalone Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge diver’s watch that will work at depths of 11,000 meters.

The basis for the creation of the Deepsea Challenge was an experimental clock on an onboard underwater vehicle, on which film director James Cameron plunged into the Mariana Trench 10 years ago.

Rolex Deep Sea Challenge

The novelty is easy to get by almost a third and has a colossal margin of safety, which is enough to withstand a margin of 15 km, or a load of 17 tons. The diameter of the titanium case is 50 mm, the thickness is 23 mm.

The watch is detected by the bezel, and the dial is covered with a heavy-duty sapphire crystal. 5mm 9.5mm In addition, the winding knob has a built-in exhaust valve through which helium that has entered the watch hh escapes. This protects the mechanism from damage during the decompression process.

Rolex Deep Sea Challenge

Inside the case is placed a mechanism with 31 ribs and self-winding, acting by one person. The Deepsea Challenge has an accuracy of +/- 2 seconds per day. The markers on the black matte dial are made of 18 carat gold with chrome illumination.

Becoming the owner of the unconditional status of watch abilities is not all. Their price is $26,000.

Source: Tech Cult

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