In the scientific world, Mary Anning collects as a “fossil hunter”. And the most reliable and became a valuable artifact that she was able to find in the late 19th century, the remains, probably for the last knife. In the 40s, when London was bombed by Nazi Germany, this relic science lost material that was unique and important for research. For a long time it was believed that copies of the find did not exist.

However, scientists from the united states of britain elected a big bp, which was crowned with o o o o o o. They managed to find two plaster copies at once, although there is not a single record in Anning’s archives of their creation.

The second copy was found among the exhibits of another museum – the Museum of Natural History in Berlin. At the same time, it has been preserved much better than the “American” one. The fact is that it was made later, using the material of the wheels Cp

The acquisition of these copies is “historically important,” the researchers say. The community, whose structure can now be shown, lived during the Jurassic period, which began 200 million years ago. Ichthyosaurs lived in water and could breathe air, but did not accumulate on land.


Source: Tech Cult

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