It looks like one of the upcoming plans of Motorola there is a new one Moto G stylus, apparently interesting device that should arrive in the course of 2022 and offer an experience similar to that of Samsung’s Notes. As reported on the pages of 91MobilesMotorola will therefore see the smartphone with dimensions that are anything but small, big improvements compared to what has been seen in the past.

In fact, according to what was expected, the new model should be ready to support 5G technology. All this would happen thanks to the inclusion of the Snapdragon 695 inside, leap forward compared to the 4G model that presented the SoC MediaTek Helio G88with 12nm design, unlike Qualcomm’s solution.

As for the screen, there should be a panel of 120 Hz refresh rateagain improved over the previous 90 Hz. It looks like the new Moto G Stylus 5G from 2022 will have no less than 128 GB of memory for storage.

On the back it looks like there will be the same camera with a resolution of 50MP, with identical solutions also for the other sensors present. According to 91Mobiles, a similar situation will also arise with regard to RAM and the battery, probably from 4 GB even in the new unannounced 5G model, with instead 5,000 mAh which would remain unchanged, although perhaps with different charging options.

In any case, there is still no official news in this sense, with the giant indeed going to have ways to announce the new devices with 5G support during the course of 2022. wait for official news from part of Motorola, which will probably soon have the opportunity to deepen the technical specifications of the devices thanks to a special presentation for the new devices.

Source: Lega Nerd

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