More and more people are using ephemeral messages Whats upSince its elimination can be adjusted at any time, its usefulness is quite high. Of course, the function is not perfect in the messaging app and therefore, relevant measures are being taken to make it much better.

One of the flaws this option had was that, surprisingly, what used to be high privacy didn’t offer it what it had to do with privacy. pictures and videos shared ones. The reason we say this is because the content mentioned can be seen in the phone gallery without any problems. And frankly, that’s not exactly optimal. Fortunately, this is something that will change.

WhatsApp works to make sure that’s the case, and so, in the test version of the messaging app, it has added a fix to its latest version that: prevent this from happening. For this reason, access from the gallery is restricted, thus increasing privacy as long as the message is active. That’s great news, because the current behavior didn’t make much sense beyond the technical issues that might exist to deliver what’s currently possible.

Everything is easily achieved

The reason we say this is because when a chat is activated, the app creates a message so that temporary messages can be used in it. Message be warned that from that moment on, the relevant multimedia content cannot be accessed from the gallery. So there isn’t much to configure because the new behavior will be the one that is enabled by default.

Changes to temporary WhatsApp messages and you will love them


An important detail to comment on is that this new option is available in trial versions of WhatsApp for operating systems. iOS and Android (currently nothing for desktop clients and much less for web).

Another innovation: drawing tools

This is another new option that has been tested in the app, but in this case only on the iPhone itself (the Android exclusive will come a little later). Three of the new options that appear pencils new ones, as well as options, that allow to work with different thicknesses blurry they will have their own space in the app interface.

With these possibilities, besides increasing the options you have for drawing on WhatsApp, access has been improved Because everything we are talking about is more accessible to the user than the usual part of the strips at the top and bottom of the screen.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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