The main sale of the year on AliExpress is already in full swing! It’s time to choose and buy – there won’t be such prices for a long time. And the course is amazing. Therefore, do not wait for the main events on November 11 and purchase interesting ones for yourself right now so as not to miss good discounts.

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1. Ambie Sound earphones


Extremely original headphones that are not held inside, but on the ears themselves – are created for women’s earrings that do not require punctures.

Unfortunately, the models have no other features: Bluetooth 5.2, suitable for earbuds, ANC is missing. They work up to a day, taking into account the case.

Price: 2584 1188 rub.

2. Store 3D iPhone case


A simple silicone case with a bright, almost acid print with a 3D effect. Cheap and cheerful.

Price: 183 81 rub.

3. VUUV foldable tablet stand


Extremely simple and affordable storage plastic stand for smartphone and tablet.

Tilt angle (not obvious, but true), suitable for almost any device.

Price: 546 251 rub.

4. Voxelab polymer 3D printer


The most affordable high-precision printing circuit option – suitable for miniature or small electronics.

Restrictions exactly 3: a terrible smell of resin, large (composition for printing), consumption and high product reliability.

Price: 21417 8352 rub.

5. GT Racer Gaming Chair


Very light but high quality chair with adjustable backrest and retractable footrest.

Suitable for persons weighing up to 100 kilograms. Fabric is used as a skin, the frame is plastic and metal.

Price: 14246 6553 rub.

6. Compact Representative TouYinger


A good home pico projector with FullHD resolution and 1000 ANSI lumens. Not much, but enough for basic versions.

And almost half the price of any brand of manufactured goods. For popular popular online media formats, supplement with media attachment.

Price: 11004 6822 rub.

7. Table holder NB


Known in narrow circles “leg” for a monitor up to 40 inches, which allows you to rotate the screen almost at a wide angle.

Much more convenient than a conventional stand, as it allows you to adjust the desired location. There are also options for 2 or more VESA mounts in the assortment.

Price: 2695 1590 rub.

8. Urevo sports bag


Stylish minimalist sports bag of sufficient size – exactly for a set of uniforms and shoes.

Both have their own section for both. The fabric is waterproof and easy to clean.

Price: 2990 1794 rub.

9. Xiaomi portable pump


A popular battery pump with enough “strength” to inflate beach balls and car tires.

From one charge it is possible to restore all 4 wheels (if not from scratch). There is a built-in pressure sensor and a probable shutdown in accordance with the selected work profile.

Price: 2922 2015 rub.

10. 8bitdo bluetooth gamepad


Affordable wireless game controller, almost identical to the PlayStation 3.

Works with macOS, Android, Windows. Supported on Steam and may come to Nintendo Switch.

Price: 3294 2931 rub.

11. Oculus Quest 2 VR headset


The most popular and, importantly, successful headset satisfies the needs of the market. For mere pennies – the same price in the US.

Control sticks included. Keep in mind that there are a number of restrictions for Russia that are not easily removed.

Price: 28271 rub.

12. Launcher 70may


Reliable external battery for a quick start of a car discharged in cold weather (up to minus 20).

Suitable in the usual “bank” for gadgets, such as a smartphone. But quick profiles are not supported.

Price: 6588 3030 rub.

13. Smart RGB Light RGBCW


Bright LED lamp for rooms up to 18 square meters. Able to change the brightness, color temperature and color in the RGB range.

Supports voice assistants, including Alice. It also connects to the Yandex smart home.

Price: 3665 2235 rub.

14. Huawei WiFi router


Universal Wi-Fi router with a combined 4G modem, unlocked for all operations.

It only supports the 2.4 GHz band, but in this class it is the undisputed leader. The coverage is stable, the call quality is excellent.

Price: 4481 3988 rub.

15. Frosted Glass Store for iPhone


A set of a pair of matte (!) protective glasses with an oleophobic coating for iPhone 13 of all variants and other current models.

Price: 162 137 rub.

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