So far, lying on an Instagram signup form hasn’t been too difficult. Important details such as the user’s age can be easily falsified because the application did not have the opportunity to check this data.

This is set to change for the time being, and as of this Monday, Instagram will require age verification in many countries, including Spain. How do you plan to do it? This will be through a selfie video, identification, or through the confirmation of several people associated with you..

Instagram has been trying to stop underage use of Instagram for some time now. Some time ago, in fact, tried to stop communication between adults, with those who have not yet met the minimum required to be considered an adult before the law. Now they’re adding another wall for contingencies, and that makes a lot of sense in today’s indiscriminate use of social media.

Instagram will ask you to verify your age to open an account

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Remember that Instagram only allows people over the age of 13 to open accounts. However, as we already mentioned, creating an account at this age is not that difficult. It is enough to tell the social network that you were born a few years earlier, when in fact you are not.

For this reason, the fight against the entry of minors on Instagram has been more than a challenge. Finally, the company is adding a new tool to its list, and it might be more efficient than previous attempts.

The social network’s attempts to clean up its user base

Between attempts to create a safer space Instagram forced its users to indicate their age in the profile. This made it possible to control which users were talking to whom, and whether they were in the same age range or too different.

What’s the difference now? According to the information received, Instagram users they will need to prove they are 13 years old or older start using the social network. There are also three options.

The first is to ask your contacts. With the help of multiple people, Instagram will allow you to verify that you have reached the minimum age to access the platform and use its services. Of course, this is a method that is not as fast as others, but it represents a stronger barrier than those that have existed so far.

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Secondly, we have the opportunity to check through the video selfie. Here you will need to follow the instructions and activate the front camera. Thanks to facial recognition algorithms, the video will be analyzed by the company’s servers and in about 20 minutes you should already be verified. If the AI ​​thinks your face says 13 or older, you can continue.

Finally, we have ID verification. This method is more traditional and you only need to upload a valid ID to verify that you are 13 or older. Some of the ones that work are your driver’s license or ID.

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