Russian enterprise software developer FIS raised 310 million rubles. The company’s main product is a no-code application builder for the financial sector, according to investment firm Kama Flow.

The Russian business software developer attracted 310 million rubles.

The software allows you to develop and configure corporate services without writing code, using visual programming. One of the platform-based solutions is an application to automate the credit cycle, risk and distressed asset management, sales and marketing. The cost of such a project is estimated at about 30-50 million rubles. It will take about six months to implement the solution.

The main investor was the Risk Fund of the National Technology Initiative, managed by the investment company Kama Flow. The interest acquired within the transaction is not disclosed.

The funds attracted will be spent by FIS on expansion in the Central and South-East Asia regions.

“Company [FIS] has significant commercial potential, so we expect that in the near future FIS will take a significant share of the domestic market due to the technological advantages and import substitution capabilities of the platform, the relatively low cost and the fast implementation time” said Pavel Okhonin, CEO of Kama Flow.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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