There is a lot of discussion on the internet about whether the charging speed of the device depends on the cable length. In fact, there is such an addiction. The longer the cable, the longer the smartphone will be charged from the same adapter (power supply). Shortening the cable in both cases is also pointless: if the device does not detect a higher voltage, or if the charger can only operate at certain values.

The thickness of the charging cable is also important. The larger the wire diameter, the higher the cable capacity. But you need to look specifically at the caliber of the inner fabric.

On the package or in the cable specification, the caliber is indicated as: 28/28 AWG. The first number is the size of the wires that transmit information, and the second is the size of the power supply. And the smaller the second indicator, the better the charging speed.

If your device does not support fast charging, it makes no sense to buy thick cables. The thickness (ie caliber) should only be increased when you need to achieve the same charging speed with a longer cable.

Source: Ferra

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