Let’s get straight to the point: Computertotaal.nl will soon be migrated to ID.nl. Computer!Totaal magazine will continue to appear as usual, only our site will be included in our new platform ID.nl. With all the content you’re used to from us.

Technology has played a different role over the years. In the early days of the brand it was the domain of the PC, all the necessary screw work and a home network went no further than the modem connected to the telephone line for the Internet. Slowly but surely, technology has become deeply intertwined in every aspect: health, mobility, our communication with the outside world, and even sustainability.

When you look at technology from such a broad perspective, you run into limits with a site like Computertotaal.nl. Technology goes beyond computing and related topics are also common among humans. That’s why we launched ID.nl, a site that makes your life easier. By zooming in on technology and showing what’s possible. By showing you how. And saying what’s good. And what not. Whether it’s healthier, more sustainable, more convenient, smarter, cheaper or more fun.

ID.nl makes it easy

Of course, we will continue to tell you everything you are used to on ID.nl. And more. With the aim of making your life easier. With technology, mobility, health, energy and climate and entertainment. For example, on ID.nl, as on Computertotaal.nl, you can find smartphone reviews and smart home articles, as well as practical articles on e-bikes, energy saving, kitchen appliances, charging stations for electric cars and much more.

Computertotaal.nl will soon be included in ID.nl along with sister sites Computeridee.nl, Macworld.nl and PCMweb.nl. In terms of content, nothing changes except the broader perspective. All this in a new modern jacket.

Nothing will change for the reader of Computer!Total magazine. This one keeps falling on the mat and can be found on the magazine rack. The digital reader (Computer!Totaal, also Computer Idee and Tips & Tricks) can visit https://kiosk.id.nl/magazines.

Source: Computer Totaal

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